Another award in the hands - KERAMIKA KANJIZA IS THE WINNER OF THE PRESTIGIOUS AWARD "PRIZNANJE"Keramika Kanjiza, the leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, won the prestigious award „PRiznanje“ by the Public Relations Society of Serbia (DSOJ). The campaign named "Who Owns the Best Tiles" was awarded in the category "Corporate Communication in Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises".Read more ››
  Keramika Kanjiza presented innovations for 2017/2018 season – By virtual factory tour, the domestic tile manufacturer once again confirmed the leading position in the ceramic industryBelgrade, April 19-20 – Leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer Keramika Kanjiza presented new series and trends in the ceramic industry in April. By virtual tour of the factory, in the presence of many guests from Serbia, region and Europe, as well as the media, big investors and well-known architects, the company once again demonstrated in an innovative way why it is the first tiles manufacturer in Serbia through years.Read more ››
  The domestic product of European quality and design – Keramika Kanjiza takes part in the large Interior Fair in ViennaVienna, Monday, March 13th - The leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer, Keramika Kanjiza is one of participants of this year's large Interior Fair in Vienna, which is held from 11th to 18th March. The company presented many novelties for 2017 at this prestigious Fair, as well as its best-selling tiles that are imitation of natural and construction materials, thus formally marked the entry into the Austrian market.Read more ››
  Keramika Kanjiza won a bronze plaque at annual award ceremony of the Association for Market Communication of SerbiaBelgrade, December 29, 2016 - Keramika Kanjiza, the leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer, won the bronze plaque of the Association for Market Communication of Serbia (UEPS) in the category Event - Brand / Product / Service for the activation "Who owns the best tiles". The company received the award within the traditional annual UEPS Awards in the world of communication. This year Keramika Kanjiza has been the only company among numerous marketing agencies that acquired this prestigious award.Read more ››
  The first IPPC permit in the ceramic industry - Keramika Kanjiza received an integrated permitKeramika Kanjiza is the first ceramics factory in Serbia to acquire the IPPC integrated permit, which proves that the company honors the highest environmental protection and toxic gas emission reduction standards. The factory, which has fully digitized its production in 2016, says for eKapija that they intend to increase the export in the coming period, procure more new equipment and start producing tiles of larger proportions.Read more ››
  KERAMIKA KANJIZA AND KNAUF – COOPERATION BETWEEN TWO GIANTSKeramika Kanjiza, the leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles and Knauf, the manufacturer of building materials and dry construction system, recognized the importance of the mutual cooperation because these companies are engaged in complementary activities. This kind of cooperation, based on mutual product support, has an aim of improving the work and providing customers with more complete and quality services.Read more ››
  The company Keramika Kanjiza has been named a National Champion for Serbia in the European Business Awards 2016/2017Belgrade, September 6, 2016 - Leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles Keramika Kanjiza has been selected to represent Serbia as National Champion in the EBA competition – Europe’s largest business competition with the aim of promoting successful business and good practice in the European business community.Read more ››
  Attractive campaign of the Keramika Kanjiza Company – Who owns the best tiles?Belgrade, August 30, 2016 -
Everybody who was in Knez Mihailova Street on Tuesday had an opportunity to attend an unusual event, which surprised everyone, especially ladies due to its attraction. Our leading ceramic tile manufacturer, Keramika Kanjiza, presented itself in a different, charming and interesting way by asking the intriguing question "Who owns the best tiles?". Attractive fitness coaches demonstrated to us that with the hard work, effort and devotion, the best tiles are created! More photos of this interesting event, see on the Facebook Page of Keramika Kanjiza.
  Acknowledgement of the leadership position in all aspects of business – the company Keramika Kanjiza received the prestigious award "Corporate Superbrands Serbia 2015/2016"Keramika Kanjiza, a leader of ceramic tile manufacturers, received the prestigious award "Corporate Superbrands Serbia" for 2015/2016 year, in the category of building materials. By fulfilling numerous high standards, the company once more confirmed that it is a leader in the domestic and regional markets, in all business aspects.Read more ››
  Cooperation between economy and education is crucial for the development of domestic economy - Keramika Kanjiza produced tiles according to the idea of students of the Faculty of Arts and DesignBelgrade, May 17, 2016 - In the hall of the Faculty of Arts and Design, John Naisbitt University, an exhibition named "From Idea to the Final Product" was opened and it is a product of the cooperation between Keramika Kanjiza and this Faculty in professional training program. Within this project, the design sector of the leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer gave the task to students of all departments to design a ceramic tile measuring 33x33cm. The six best examples were selected for realization.Read more ››
  More than three decades of top quality: Keramika Kanjiza celebrated 35 years of successful businessThe leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, the company Keramika Kanjiza, celebrated 35 years of successful business last night. In addition to the history of the factory and the company's development, business results for 2015 were also presented. Last year, the company produced over 2 million and 200 thousand square meters of tiles, of which 50% were sold on foreign markets. Thus, according to data of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Keramika Kanjiza is the largest exporter of ceramic tiles in Serbia with a 39% share. New investments for the next year were also announced. The company has retained its leading position on the domestic market for the second year in a row, with about 20% share.Read more ››
  The year of humanity – The Company Keramika Kanjiza donated tiles for the reconstruction of the "F" Department of the Clinic for Psychiatric Diseases "Dr Laza Lazarevic"Belgrade, December 1 - The leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, Keramika Kanjiza, donated 300 square meters of first-class tiles for the reconstruction of the “F” Department of the Clinic for Psychiatric Diseases "Dr Laza Lazarevic". After the neurology department of Valjevo hospital, this is yet another of many donations of the company to health institutions throughout Serbia.Read more ››
  VALENCIA, WORLD CERAMICS CENTER: Keramika Kanjiza visited production facilities of the largest raw material manufacturers in Europe and its long-standing partners - Fritta and ColorobiaValencia, November 17-20: In November, Keramika Kanjiza had the great honor to be a guest and visit production facilities of two largest factories for manufacturing of raw materials, colors and decors in Valencia - Colorobia and Fritta. During the visit, representatives of the company Keramika Kanjiza got familiar with the complete production process, strict quality control, new trends and materials at the ceramic tiles market, and also agreed to continue the long-term cooperation.Read more ››
  CERSAIE 2015 – Keramika Kanjiza has yet for another year traditionally been a guest at the largest ceramics fair in BolognaBologna, Belgrade - As in previous years, Keramika Kanjiza has yet for another year traditionally been a guest at CERSAIE 2015, the largest ceramics fair which takes place in Bologna. During the fair, the company representatives organized meetings with the largest suppliers of production equipment, raw material manufacturers and designers, and except that there was more emphasis placed on getting to know new trends for the upcoming season.Read more ››
  Keramika Kanjiza in cooperation with Blic Foundation and Mr Ivan Ivanovic donated tiles for the reconstruction of neurology department of Valjevo hospitalValjevo, Belgrade, 25th June - Keramika Kanjiza, leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, in cooperation with Blic Foundation and Ivan Ivanovic, donated 500 square meters of ceramic tiles for reconstruction of neurology department of Valjevo hospital. At the opening, PR manager of Keramika Kanjiza, Jovana Nikcevic received a letter of gratitude on behalf of the company, as one of three largest donors.Read more ››
  Media representatives in the factory - Keramika Kanjiza organized the first press tripKanjiza, Belgrade, 24th June - Keramika Kanjiza, leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, organized on 24h June, a large press trip where media representatives had the opportunity to see production, get to know range and trends in the ceramics industry. After visiting the factory, journalists have spoken with the General Manager of the company, Mrs Ivana Veselinovic about current problems of the building industry and national economy.Read more ››
  Production Manager of the company Keramika Kanjiza Mr Djordje Aleksic talked for the Magazine BusinessBelgrade, 25th May - In early May, the company Keramika Kanjiza had the opportunity to welcome journalist from Magazine Business. On this occasion, Mr Aleksic, Production Manager, spoke about new technologies, trends, and innovations, but also about unfair competition.Read more ››
  Sales Manager of Keramika Kanjiza, Mr Jovan Milivojevic gave a big interview for the business magazine ProfitBelgrade, 29th April - After successful completion of the Building Trade Fair, Sales Manager of Keramika Kanjiza gave an interview to the prestigious business magazine Profit. In the interview with the editor of the magazine, Mr Milivojevic spoke about the problems in the economy and the construction industry, poor protection of domestic producers and problems in the ceramic industry.Read more ››
  Keramika Kanjiza has presented novelties for the current year and hosted famous Serbian film director, Mr Emir Kusturica at the International Building Trade Fair - SEEBBE.Belgrade, April 2015 - This year, once more Keramika Kanjiza traditionally presented novelties for 2015 at large International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE. Many visitors of the fair and Keramika Kanjiza’s stand had the opportunity to see new decors and series of wall, floor and facade tiles. Keramika Kanjiza also presented completely new product - cut mosaic. Wood imitations and floral decorations attracted the biggest attention.
Apart from numerous partners and visitors of the fair, Keramika Kanjiza had a great pleasure to host the most famous Serbian film director, Mr Emir Kusturica, with who company have cooperated successfully for the past few years on the Andric – city project.
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