Keramika Kanjiza presented innovations for 2017/2018 season – By virtual factory tour, the domestic tile manufacturer once again confirmed the leading position in the ceramic industry

Belgrade, April 19-20 – Leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer Keramika Kanjiza presented new series and trends in the ceramic industry in April. By virtual tour of the factory, in the presence of many guests from Serbia, region and Europe, as well as the media, big investors and well-known architects, the company once again demonstrated in an innovative way why it is the first tiles manufacturer in Serbia through years.

During the exhibition, which has been organized for two days, all visitors had the opportunity to get familiar with the novelties and trends in the construction industry. Special attention of visitors was attracted by black and white decors of the Bianca Series, games of geometric shapes on the magnificent Maiolica tiles, but also incredibly real imitation of the jeans presented within the Denim Series. The company also added new color and decors, named Habitat Rosa, to its best-selling Habitat Series.

In addition to the new series of tiles, visitors for the first time in the ceramic industry had the opportunity to visit the factory by a virtual tour and experience something completely new. In this way, the company Keramika Kanjiza once again demonstrated why it is unrivaled leader, and again set high standards in all business segments.

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