Keramika Kanjiza, the leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, won the prestigious award „PRiznanje“ by the Public Relations Society of Serbia (DSOJ). The campaign named "Who Owns the Best Tiles" was awarded in the category "Corporate Communication in Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises".

Keramika Kanjiza is the only company that was in the final of this prestigious competition and the only one that received the prize. The campaign "Who owns the best tiles?" was created with the idea of promoting the brand with more than three and a half decades long tradition, and presenting in an interesting and innovative way three company’s postulates - tradition, quality and design.

"This is the second prize which Keramika Kanjiza was awarded by professional associations for the campaign "Who owns the best tiles".  We are especially proud that both times we were the only company among the biggest and best agencies at the Serbian market. The goal was to confirm that Keramika Kanjiza is the leader in all business segments, but also that the best campaigns are not necessarily the most expensive. The campaign "Who owns the best tiles" pointed out the value of communication and how much it is necessary for building and developing a successful brand" saidJovana Nikcevic, PR Manager of Keramika Kanjiza and leader of the award-winning project.

For the needs of the campaign, unusual communication channels and tools were used with an aim of achieving the best results, including Facebook live, influencer marketing, media relations, event management and flash mob. The campaign achieved good results such as reach of almost a half million Facebook users and over 800,000 media announcements in thematic and lifestyle magazines.

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