More than three decades of top quality: Keramika Kanjiza celebrated 35 years of successful business

The leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, the company Keramika Kanjiza, celebrated 35 years of successful business last night. In addition to the history of the factory and the company's development, business results for 2015 were also presented. Last year, the company produced over 2 million and 200 thousand square meters of tiles, of which 50% were sold on foreign markets. Thus, according to data of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Keramika Kanjiza is the largest exporter of ceramic tiles in Serbia with a 39% share. New investments for the next year were also announced. The company has retained its leading position on the domestic market for the second year in a row, with about 20% share.

"Despite unfair competition, uncontrolled import of low quality tiles and black market, during the last year Keramika Kanjiza, due to hard work and investments, has managed to retain the leading position on the domestic market for the second year in a row with almost 20% share. For the upcoming year, large investments are planned and the main goal is the production and sales of a record 2.5 million square meters," saidMrs. Ivana Veselinovic, General Manager of the company Keramika Kanjiza.

The company has tradition of more than three decades due to its quality and hard work, that led to receiving recognition and achievements such as New Vision for Innovation and Quality, SRPS 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 2008i Attest Centro Ceramico from Bologna. Keramika Kanjiza is the only manufacturer of ceramic tiles that has the eco-label "Environment-friendly" and regarding conservation of  nature, the company invested  over one million euros in energy efficiency in the past. The company was the first that introduced a digital InkJet printer at the domestic market and completely digitized the production process. Thus, the company production has expanded in a variety of decors, offering the imitation of natural and building materials to consumers that are easier to set up, cost-effective and therefore last longer.

Keramika Kanjiza is not oriented only to maintaining the leading position on the market within production, but also in other important segments such as social responsibility, humanitarian actions, donations, as well as encouraging the use and development of energy efficiency. The company helped to renovate the departments of three hospitals throughout Serbia by donating EUR 10,000 or 1000 square meters of tiles and for a second consecutive year, we have participated in the Kuća od Srca (House from the Heart) show, and helped to renovate houses for ten of the most disadvantaged families in Serbia. By developing and improving its energy efficiency in the factory, the company has received an eco-label for being environment-friendly. In addition, Keramika Kanjiza achieved cooperation with two faculties – the Faculty of Media and Communications and the Faculty of Arts and Design – with a professional training program.

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