Keramika Kanjiza in cooperation with Blic Foundation and Mr Ivan Ivanovic donated tiles for the reconstruction of neurology department of Valjevo hospital

Valjevo, Belgrade, 25th June - Keramika Kanjiza, leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles, in cooperation with Blic Foundation and Ivan Ivanovic, donated 500 square meters of ceramic tiles for reconstruction of neurology department of Valjevo hospital.

At the opening,PR manager of Keramika Kanjiza, Jovana Nikcevic received a letter of gratitude on behalf of the company, as one of three largest donors."Since its establishment 35 years ago, Keramika Kanjiza has been investing a lot in corporate-social responsibility. We are pleased that with our donation we were able to help the department where hardest patients are treated and where the conditions were very bad. Keramika Kanjiza is always ready to help in the reconstruction of health institutions. We are glad to respond to such actions, and we are calling all big companies to follow us and do the same", Miss Nikcevic said on that occasion.

For decades the Neurology department at Valjevo hospital has been in disastrous state, with no decent toilets, peeling walls and ceilings, while the beds were falling apart. The department of Neurology at Valjevo hospital, is now totally reconstructed and meets all European standards. There were no serious investments in the Neurology department since 1967, apart from a few paintings, while there are located most difficult, to a great extent immobile patients, and of 1,500 patients who undergo hospitalization annually, 90 percent are affected by acute stroke, while the rest fell ill with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

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