VALENCIA, WORLD CERAMICS CENTER: Keramika Kanjiza visited production facilities of the largest raw material manufacturers in Europe and its long-standing partners - Fritta and Colorobia

Valencia, November 17-20: In November, Keramika Kanjiza had the great honor to be a guest and visit production facilities of two largest factories for manufacturing of raw materials, colors and decors in Valencia - Colorobia and Fritta. During the visit, representatives of the company Keramika Kanjiza got familiar with the complete production process, strict quality control, new trends and materials at the ceramic tiles market, and also agreed to continue the long-term cooperation.

The rigorous quality control system of these two largest manufacturers is perhaps the highlight of the tour. Each part of the production process involves a special control sector, so mistakes are reduced to a minimum, which is one of the main reasons for many years of successful cooperation.

In addition to the quality control system, the latest decoration materials also have been presented, which completely changed the use of ceramic tiles from the most basic, for the kitchen and bathroom, to the modern interior design and the artistically decorated space, the symbol of style and ton. Thus, you can see various types of reliefs and textures, a combination of bright colors and modern designs, almost unrealistic imitations of building and natural materials.

Thanks to agreements and cooperation, Keramika Kanjiza has prepared a lot of innovations for both domestic and regional markets for the upcoming season.

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