Production Manager of the company Keramika Kanjiza Mr Djordje Aleksic talked for the Magazine Business

Belgrade, 25th May - In early May, the company Keramika Kanjiza had the opportunity to welcome journalist from Magazine Business. On this occasion, Mr Aleksic, Production Manager, spoke about new technologies, trends, and innovations, but also about unfair competition.

"There are two kinds of unfair competition. One is reflected in the fact that one of the four producers of ceramic tiles in Serbia is working in the, so-called, managed bankruptcy, but continues to sell its products below cost of production. Another type is the uncontrolled import of ceramic tiles. These are cuttings of poor quality, imported from Italy. These products are sold under the name "Italian ceramics" but nowhere does it say that these tiles are of lower class. The worst thing is that domestic regulations stipulate that imported goods have to be attested before they go on sale. But no one respects this regulation. It seems that there is some general interest that everything be as cheap as possible.

The only way to fight against such behaviour is for the state to tighten control and market inspection to finally start withdrawing such goods from sale“ said Mr Aleksic.

You can read whole interview at the followinglink.

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