Keramika Kanjiza has presented novelties for the current year and hosted famous Serbian film director, Mr Emir Kusturica at the International Building Trade Fair - SEEBBE.

Belgrade, April 2015 - This year, once more Keramika Kanjiza traditionally presented novelties for 2015 at large International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE. Many visitors of the fair and Keramika Kanjiza’s stand had the opportunity to see new decors and series of wall, floor and facade tiles. Keramika Kanjiza also presented completely new product - cut mosaic. Wood imitations and floral decorations attracted the biggest attention.

Apart from numerous partners and visitors of the fair, Keramika Kanjiza had a great pleasure to host the most famous Serbian film director, Mr Emir Kusturica, with who company have cooperated successfully for the past few years on the Andric – city project.

During the fair, the Belgrade Fair has presented the award to Keramika Kanjiza for 35 years of successful work and business.

Brand new series of Keramika Kanjiža are Marfil, Fusion, Rocky, Feeling, Orion and Living. Here you can see novelties from our offering as well as the part of great atmosphere from the Building Trade Fair.

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