Keramika Kanjiza, the leading domestic manufacturer of ceramic tiles and Knauf, the manufacturer of building materials and dry construction system, recognized the importance of the mutual cooperation because these companies are engaged in complementary activities. This kind of cooperation, based on mutual product support, has an aim of improving the work and providing customers with more complete and quality services.

The company Keramika Kanjiza, as the leading domestic ceramic tile manufacturer, and Knauf, whose business was based on gypsum and then developed in the field of dry construction, insulation materials and mortar, have agreed on cooperation concerning mutual product support. Such cooperation is not surprising, considering that both companies share the same values about tradition and highlight the quality of products, social responsibility and environmental care as an imperative. This is confirmed by certificates and compliance with prescribed production standards.

These two large companies with long and successful business practices have in common investing in the modernization of their production facilities, employee development, and especially creating and developing relations with their customers, developing the communication sector and advising consumers.  

On the occasion of this cooperation,Director of Sales and Marketing of the company Keramika Kanjiza Mr. Jovan Milivojevicsaid: "The work and existence on the Serbian, regional and European markets today are not easy and often followed by many unfavorable factors. Therefore it is important to ensure the cooperation between companies and enterprises that are engaged in related branches of the economy or compatible activities, especially if these companies share the same value system, based on unconditional quality, continuous improvement and employee education." 

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