Acknowledgement of the leadership position in all aspects of business – the company Keramika Kanjiza received the prestigious award "Corporate Superbrands Serbia 2015/2016"

Keramika Kanjiza, a leader of ceramic tile manufacturers, received the prestigious award "Corporate Superbrands Serbia" for 2015/2016 year, in the category of building materials. By fulfilling numerous high standards, the company once more confirmed that it is a leader in the domestic and regional markets, in all business aspects.

Based its work on uncompromising quality, the company Keramika Kanjiza completed its planned digitization process in early 2016, by fully digitizing the production. Modern equipment allows that the work of technology and design experts comes very much to the fore and it gives beauty of colors and patterns on a quality surface to the final consumer. The new equipment also has enabled the introduction of different tile sizes, their personalization and following world trends. Thus, the company today offers its customers five sizes of tiles and over 170 decors, making its products competitive on different markets in Europe. Furthermore, ceramic tiles of the company Keramika Kanjiza fulfill all domestic and European standards of quality.

“Corporate Superbrands Award 2015/2016 is a true indicator of incredible energy, knowledge and work which was made by the marketing and communication sector over the last year and a half. We worked full steam, we wanted to show that creativity can also be present in the ceramics industry. We succeeded in this - we are the first tile manufacturer in Serbia that built a recognizable brand, developed communication with all target groups and built the image of high-quality and modern domestic ceramics,"said Director of Sales and Marketing and the brand guard of the Keramika Kanjiza Mr. Jovan Milivojevic.

Tiles of the company Keramika Kanjiza meet the most demanding quality criteria and standards of design of different markets that is evident on the basis of export of the company - from Slovakia to Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Keramika Kanjiza developed domestic tile production, world-class quality and design, with a price that is adjusted to the purchasing power of citizens. Integration of the quality, design and price is something by which the company "bought" consumers.

After the award ceremony, Jovana Nikcevic, PR Manager and another brand guard of Keramika Kanjiza said: "We added value to our product by developing two-way communication with our consumers through social media and advices, as well as by humanitarian actions and social responsibility. Today consumers recognize us as a brand that has a soul and this is our greatest commendation!"

The company Keramika Kanjiza can boast of a very high sense of social responsibility and care in environmental protection. In the area of ​​social responsibility, by cooperating with the Faculty of Arts and Design and the Faculty of Media and Communication, the company successfully integrates the economy and education. Within professional training programs in the company, young people has the opportunity to improve their knowledge, gain experience and participate in the realization of projects with employees. For the company Keramika Kanjiza humanitarian work, which is being realized through donations, is of great importance. During 2015 the total amount of donations consisting of products, including equipping of three hospitals and participation in the project "House of the Heart", was 10,000 EUR.

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